Friday, 18 April 2008

Women: not for sale

Not for Sale Sunday aims to alert churches to sex trafficking.

I've just been looking at the site (, and I'm impressed by this brave campaign to inspire and inform churches about the modern slavery of sex trafficking.

Not for Sale UK is a campaign inititiated by Chaste (Churches Alert to Sex Trafficking across Europe), to raise awareness in the UK that women, children and men are being sold in the cities and towns of our island for sexual exploitation.

Not for Sale Sunday this year is on May 18th. There are a variety of resources on the site, including liturgy, Biblical material and prayers.

A reflection on Acts 16: 16-25 comments on the Phillipian slave girl in relation to the kinds of slavery common in our own century, and challenges Christians to stand against the forces which keep people in slavery. It urges us to speak out against sex tourism, lap-dancing clubs, 'leisure evenings out' in brothels, massage parlours - even though it will make us unpopular. How easily these things seem to have become part of our culture, and are lining the pockets of those who promote them - at the expense of thousands of vulnerable human beings.

I admire Chaste for taking up this cause, and I hope the Not for Sale Sunday campaign will become widely known.

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