Monday, 30 June 2008

It takes ONE woman

Have you heard about the Li Tim-Oi Foundation?

I have heard of it before, but only recently realised how much it's valued. The Foundation makes grants to fund theological education or other training, for women in the global south. This enables women to serve God as priests, evangelists, theological educators, Church Army sisters, and in various other roles.

Florence Li Tim-Oi was the first Anglican woman priest. She was ordained priest in 1944, after having been deacon in charge of the church in Macao for two years, with no priest to preside at communion. After the war she resigned her licence as a priest, but not her holy orders.

After Florence died in 1992, her sister Rita asked friends in England to found the Li-Tim-Oi Foundation, to help women who are called to serve the church and their communities, but have little money.

In the first ten years of its existence the Foundation helped 200 women from 79 dioceses in 11 provinces of the Anglican Communion - in Africa, Brazil, Fiji and Pakistan.

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