Friday, 10 October 2008

A woman for Edmonton

I've just received the news that the first woman incumbent has been appointed in Edmonton Episcopal Area.

That's Edmonton, London.

I have to admit I didn't know there were no women incumbents in that Area, despite its particular theological flavour. But it reminds me of how patchy women's deployment still is in the Church of England. In some deaneries there are more women than men, in others, women still find themselves on their own at chapter meetings.

Which no doubt accounts for the varied ways in which women clergy perceive the scene in the Church, and their acceptance. For some, it's 'What's the problem? I'm just getting on with the job of ministry.' For others, feeling as though they have entered a 'boys' club', it can be a very different experience.

So - great news for Edmonton and London, and I hope that Marjorie Brown, who's been appointed vicar at St Mary the Virgin, Primrose Hill, is well accepted both in her parish and her Area.

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jody said...

yes, it always gives me a wry smile when my friend (a woman baptist minister) talks about going to her 'fraternal' breakfasts.

language says a lot, I think :-)