Friday, 19 December 2008

Gifted to Lead

It's exciting to see that there are more like-minded women around!

When I first started working at CPAS, there was not much activity around the subject of women as leaders in the Church. But now there are more resources, more groups, more interest.

It still seems a shame that we have to bring a woman over from the USA - so perhaps we have got a way to go! But Nancy Beach, who is coming in January, will be worth hearing, I think; I am going to hear her myself. She is speaking in Bristol on 28th and London on 31st - details from

Nancy Beach has been a leader and teacher at Willow Creek since 1974, and her book, Gifted to Lead, encourages women to own their calling as leaders. Read a review of this book here (and if you've not discovered it already, you can read a new book review each month).

What is encouraging to me is that this blog seems to be meeting a need - the counter is up to 2,300. Do keep the comments coming, with feedback or ideas.

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