Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The first review

How exciting is that! My colleague has just forwarded to me a link to the Sophia website so that I could read a review of my book; you have to join the network to read most of the resources, but I've provided a link to the review here!

If you've not encountered the Sophia network (http://www.sophianetwork.org.uk/ ), it was launched just over a year ago to provide support, information and training for women leaders in youth work. The website is a fabulous source of information and comment on all kinds of issues relevant to women leaders, especially those who are leading work with young people.

But back to my review, one of the strange things about writing a book is that you put an incredible amount of hard work into it, submit a manuscript to the publisher, and then sit back and wait for nearly a year - by which time it all seems a long time ago.

Now it seems quite a while since September, when the book was published. It's been great to meet those who've said, 'what you wrote is so appropriate for me', or 'it was great, so helpful,' but I've been looking forward to seeing a proper review in print.

These days, more people are on-line than read written reviews, so it's not surprising that the first review I've seen is on-line. I was so encouraged to read it - and hope that it will encourage others to read the book.

Maybe I will consider writing another book some time...!

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Jenny Baker said...

I'm glad you like the review Rosie! We're working on a new version of the Sophia site where all the articles etc will be accessible to everyone, not just members. Your link is to the new version, so not everything is on that site yet, but we hope to update it over the next couple of weeks and then unveil it to the public! And the Sophia Network is now free to join, which we hope will make it more accessible.