Monday, 13 September 2010

Seven deadly sins

On Saturday I went to a book launch. Kate Coleman was launching her book 7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership.

In her book, Kate explores seven self-defeating behaviours in work and leadership, such as limiting self-perceptions, failure to draw the line, and inadequate personal vision.

The book is based on a programme of day events with the same title which Kate and others in Next Leadership have been running, and some of those who'd attended these testified to the life-transforming impact the days had had. It was quite an event; these testimonies, Kate herself talking about the book, some great worship led by Nicki and Pete Sims, and a magnificent lunch!

Elaine Storkey, who has written the Foreword to the book, writes: 'a must-read book for anyone in leadership, including those who wonder how they got there!... It's rare to find such careful research, gripping narrative and positive mentoring all in one book. I loved it!'

I would not normally recommend a book before reading it - and it will be reviewed in my CPAS review pages - but knowing Kate a little, and having heard her and others speak, I want to be an advocate already. And I think this book will complement my own, as it takes some of the issues for women which later chapters of my book mention, and helps women to develop as leaders in those areas.

I recognise some of Kate's '7 deadlies' in myself, so I'm sure it will help me!

For more on the book and how to buy it, go to To listen to Nicky's song, 'Daughter of Destiny' which was sung at the book launch, go to the same page and scroll down for a link.

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Curate Karen said...

I've bought this book and started reading it - it is fantastic! Heartily recommended.