Tuesday, 29 July 2008

First woman bishop for AME Zion Church

It was so good to read of praise and applause at the election of a woman bishop.

I take the point that in the Anglican Church, not everyone is excited at the prospect of having women as bishops at last - well, in ten years or so! But I really enjoyed reading about the election of Bonnie Hines as the first woman to be elected bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (USA) on July 19th.

Shouting 'Praise God' may not be our style either. But what struck me was the excitement and enthusiasm in the church as they took this historic step forward. If there were people who did not support the move, it didn't show:

'Outside the hall.. the celebration was in full swing as most hugged and danced in the hallways...' 'If there were any doubters with gestures of uncertainty they were silenced by the thunderous praise and clapping from thousands of women and men that voted for this historical mark and stamped an assurance that said, YES! YES!... YES...YES!...YES WE CAN!'

Read the full story here

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