Thursday, 24 July 2008

Men and women are from where?

I've been reflecting on the last page of The Myth of Mars and Venus.

The author ends with a quotation she'd been sent: 'Men are from Earth. Women are from Earth. Deal with it.' She goes on, 'Clinging to myths about the way men and women communicate is no way to deal with it. To deal with the problems and opportunities facing men and women now, we must look beyond the myth of Mars and Venus.'

So why do some Christians look to these myths? I'm convinced that we of all people should be those who 'look beyond' the myths. After all, we know that men and women came from God - OK, I suppose the quote is right if we think that Adam was made from the dust of the earth!

But why is it that 2000 years of following a leader who was so able to relate to both men and women, and having as our handbook a book which speaks on its very first page of men and women being created equal, we have not made a better job of overcoming the 'battle of the sexes'?

Is it all a reminder that power corrupts, and that religious power is both more attractive and more dangerous than any other kind?

As leaders we do well to be alert to the dark side of power.

But we must have an answer to that great challenge! How do we show the world that God knew what he was doing when he created that first partnership of men and women? How do we show them that we can overcome the barriers, the myths, the boxes that divide us, and together make a difference in God's world?

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Rachel said...

Thank you for this Rosie - nicely put.
I will order this book and read it.
I will point people to your comments here on my site re vis.e reform.
Love Rachel