Friday, 22 May 2009

Women in mind

Today's a special day for me.

After lots of hard work by a couple of my colleagues, I'm finally launching two sets of downloadable studies to go with my book Growing Women Leaders.

With these studies, groups in churches who want to explore the issue of women as leaders, or groups of women who want to encourage each other and develop younger women as leaders, can get together and over three meeting can explore a number of areas raised in the book.

These studies can be downloaded free! Just click here for a link. You'll find two sets of downloads, one for mixed groups and one for women-only groups. There are separate sets of notes for leaders of the groups and for participants.

Do use them in your context - and let me know what you think!


Rachel said...

I know this is cheeky but I can't resist thinking that Oakhill would benefit from a complementary copy, after having read their inspection report today;)

Jenny Baker said...

These look great Rosie - I'll flag them up on the Sophia site in the next few days