Friday, 12 June 2009

Men women and teamwork

I've been writing a piece about men and women working together.

It prompted me to remember God's first team. 'In the beginning, God did not send a committee...!' Instead, he created a team.

It was a team of two, one man and one woman. Sadly, all too soon it went wrong, and where there had been perfect harmony, there was disharmony. I was reminded that we see glimpses of great teamwork in Deborah's leading with Barak, and in the New Testament, some of those great partnerships like Priscilla and Aquila.

It seems bizarre to me that in the 21st century the Church can't be setting the world an example when it comes to teams of men and women. Surely we can show that we can work together as brothers and sisters, without our relationships being sullied by assumptions based on gender stereotypes, or by moral lapses?

I wonder how you see it? I am disturbed by reports of how some Christian men seem to have capitulated to our sexualised culture and to see all close working with women as unhelpful. And it's funny how it always seems to be men who make up the rules, and women who suffer as a result.

I hope that we can soon come to a better place, and show how the Church is fulfilling that great prophecy in Joel, that God will pour out his Spirit on all people, and contrary to the cultural rules of 2000 years ago, 'your sons and your daughters will prophesy', and the Spirit will be poured out even on servants, 'both men and women'.

I think it's pretty clear, really. God meant everyone, men and women, to lead and minister together!


Rachel said...

Amen to that!

Jenny Baker said...

My review of 'Mixed Ministry' got reposted on the Children Matter ning site and I was rather alarmed at the first couple of comments saying that a male minister should not meet a female minister on his own. I think this is a really important issue as it keeps women marginalised, especially in a church culture that puts such a high value on networking.

angelmg said...

I entirely agree with you..I also disagree with segregated groups.surely it is better practice that people learn the needs of both genders in a group and if they require gender specified company that they either meet at another set aside time or in pairs etc. I am a childless women whilst I love to indulge my femininity with dresses and nail varnish..I like to be in company that does not talk about supposedly womens issues because they simply do not apply to me..That is why I went to a male college in 1993..The most significant year in history of preparation for the first ordinations of women..To have seperate groups is to belittle the equality which we have fought so hard for.I actually believe that no vicar or minister should be in sole control of any church at any time.with all the child protection issues and alchoholism due to lonliness that it can create