Friday, 4 December 2009

A woman's place is in the boardroom?

If you recognise the title of this book, you may have read it a couple of years ago.

But you may not have read the sequel, which has the addional subtitle: The Roadmap. This is now reviewed on the CPAS website. Book reviews are in a slightly different location from previously, but the whole site is much more colourful and easy to use, with better access to resources.

The idea behind this second book is to give more of the how-to for women aspiring to senior posts.
Why am I reviewing it? The 'senior' part of the Church is not a boardroom. But there are distinct similarities and connections.

Christian leadership is very different in many ways from leadership in the corporate world. But I believe there are things that Christian women leaders can learn from the corporate world which will help us to negotiate an alien leadership arena.

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