Friday, 18 December 2009

7 Deadly Sins of Women in Leadership

We've all heard of the 7 deadly sins. But now the organisation W'men in Leadership, designed for Christian women in ministry or the marketplace who influence others, has devised the '7 deadly sins of women in leadership'.

You can find out more about them - or how to avoid them - at a series of day conferences. The first of the series is being held in London on Saturday 27th February - follow links on the website to find a booking form.

The deadly sins are:

  1. Limiting self-perceptions

  2. Failure to draw the line (boundary issues)

  3. Inadequate personal vision

  4. Too little life in the work

  5. Everybody's friend, nobody's leader

  6. Colluding and not confronting

  7. Neglect in family matters
I am always reluctant to stereotype. But I do think there is truth in each of the 'sins' they have identified. Regarding 'Limiting Self-Perceptions', for example, I know many women who 'cultivate a limited and unrealistic view of themselves.'

'Women are particularly susceptible to inadequate personal vision.' If your new year resolution is going to include better self-development as a leader, this series of events might be one place to start. Another resolution might be to read Growing Leaders (esp chapter 5) by James Lawrence, Living on Purpose by Tom and Christine Sine or To be Told by Dan Allender.

Happy Christmas!

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