Friday, 8 January 2010

New year reading resolutions

Are you reading this because you're like me, stuck at home in the snow?

Then maybe it's also a good time to reflect on your leadership development needs for the coming year.

I'm firmly convinced that good leaders need to be leaders who continue to grow and learn. Going to conferences, listening to sermons, talks and podcasts. And that traditional way, using old-fashioned printed paper: through reading!

To get you started, there's a new book review for January on the main CPAS site (click here for a link). Bill Hybels needs no introduction for most Christian leaders. I found his book Axiom fascinating, and full of wisdom to apply to all aspects of leadership.

Or if that title does not grab you, there are lots of 'back copies' of reviews. I recently went to a meeting where we were discussing the biblical case for women in leadership. Maybe that's a subject you need to get to wrestle with this year, and several books (including mine) will get you started. Or maybe it's about whether men and women lead differently: again, look at some back reviews. Order a book, and by the time it's come, maybe the post can get through to deliver it!

So, if you're snowbound, redeem the time and keep learning!

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jennyfreckles said...

Hi Rosie - Just found your blog! You'll not know me by my blog name but if I say Andree and Arrow and mentoring you might!