Sunday, 19 August 2012

Women behaving badly

In Christian history, women have often been portrayed in a bad light. I'm so grateful to those women and men who have re-told the stories, and drawn our attention to so many women who have been passed over or misrepresented.

But there are some women who were just bad - and there's not much from their stories which can be redeemed. I recently decided to avoid preaching on the 'John the Baptist's head on a platter' story. But was interested to read an excellent reflection on Herodias and Salome, on the Big Bible Project website (also an excellent place to go for bible resources).

Gold medals for women-not-to-be-followed.

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Nancy Wallace said...

Thanks for linking to my post on the Big Bible project. When I started my 'Women of the Gospels' series I looked forward to reflecting on inspiring stories of women. I soon realized that I shouldn't ignore those who don't fall into that category. Were Herodias and Salome just plain 'bad'? Their behaviour was certainly, but no human is all bad. I think people do find it more shocking when women are involved in violent crimes.